The mission of Night Sky Foundation is to improve access to education for disadvantaged people, with a particular focus on education with digital technology.
About Night Sky Foundation Night Sky Foundation was established in 2022 by Andy Weekes, founder of iCandi Apps Ltd, the company behind the popular Night Sky stargazing app. Andy wanted to start giving back after realising the huge success of Night Sky. Reflecting on his journey, he understood the seeds to Night Sky were planted years ago, through access to technology and education as a child. Inspired by his journey, Andy wanted to start using some of the profits each year from Night Sky, to start benefiting others by enabling them to get good access to education with a focus on digital technology, and therefore iCandi Apps Ltd. is the main donor to Night Sky Foundation. Andrew Weekes (Andy) formed Night Sky Foundation with Colin Johnston and Alastair Gunn, all as equal trustees in the foundation.
❝Whilst we all share the same Night Sky, we don’t all share the same opportunities. Night Sky Foundation’s mission is to play a part in equalizing access to educational opportunity with a focus on digital technology.❞ Andy Weekes, Chairman of Night Sky Foundation & Founder Night Sky app.
Night Sky Foundation Can Help We provide grants to charities that progress our mission of equalising opportunities to education for disadvantaged people. Initially we are only considering grants for charities registered in the United Kingdom. If you consider your charities work to fit our mission, please use the form below to apply for a grant.
Apply for a Grant When applying for a grant, please provide as much information as possible as to why you feel your charities work fits our mission.
All applications will be considered by our board of trustees.
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